Unsupported Sites

Pour one out for the fallen ones

Unsupported Sites

Here are the sites that we used to work with, but that are unfortunately no longer with us. If you feel one has risen up from the dead, let us know. Meanwhile, we have a long list of supported ones.

ASN Lifestyle

Swingers site with a "Facebook" look.

Swinger Social

Swing Towns


Nudism based site

Already Booked

Site owned by and focused on "French Connection Events". They organise various events, including cruises and "Naughty in Nawlins" conventions. This site allows people to connect with others going to the same event.

Tabu Lifestyle

Used to be a happening site but is no longer with us.

Venus Couples

Seniors gone Wild

Smaller swingers site for those over 50

Adult Swing Connection

Site looks a bit dated, and seems to no longer be in use.