Frequently Asked Questions

Does Playdar require a profile?

Although you need to set up a login to secure your information, your profile data can be retrieved from other sites where you have accounts.

What differentiates Playdar from dating websites and their mobile apps?

Our application and site has many features that other don't (have a look at the features list), but the biggest difference is that we support multiple other sites at once. Instead of fighting other sites, we create synergies.

What if I don't have a profile on any of the other social sites?

Playdar will still allow you to use the public data from many sites. We also help you to set up free profiles on other sites that may interest you.

Do you have porn?

No. If you are looking for porn images, please go elsewehere. Our system does not host any adult images, but we will show profile and event images from other sites. We are not considered "Safe for work".